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I used towork in New York City, 3rd Ave, then West Side, then 42nd Street near Times Square.
Columbus Circle
, The Time Warner Center,
Central Park
Hacker Art Books,
Lincoln Center,
The Brooklyn Diner,
Ellen's Stardust Diner
the David Letterman quotes,
Columbus Avenue and more.....-
HowlFestival - nyc
Van's Warped Tour NYFilmVideo

FancyPants - No Pants

New Mexico Travels

Cornell Ithaca and Ron

Silk Road - Gansu Dance Theater

The Gallery at Rhinebeck opening on December 30, 2016
Elena Rudenko Suzuki/ BBBallet Alyson Reinert/ Ellenore Scott - Joyce KingElena Rudenko/ Winter       Carmen Anderson - BBBallet        Suzuki-Ellenore Scott ELSCO Dance

Horse Portrait Ideas
Portraits with Horses


Team Roping

Team Roping

Silk Road - Gansu Dance Theater

Silk Road - Gansu Dance Theater

Rubin Museum of Art

Gala Benefit at the Rubin Museum of Art - Tibet and Himalayan Art
ERRO - Ann Larson - Haleh Nematzdeh - Nonoo Lyons - Thuy - Victor dE Souza - Argentina
Redlight Children against child sexual abuse click
MetMuseum YMP
MetMuseum Young Members Party
Yula Beeri at the RedlightChildren Benefit Fundraiser in the Village
Sachika Fashion
Sachika Design Fashion Show
at 1Oak 2009

Sachika with Galloway Golf - Manhattan

Sachika Speed Styling - Avita Shoe in Soho
The Boulevard
Hawaiian Tropic Zone
Boulevard Magazine Extraveganza
Cathy Masae ColorfulArtist
Cathy Masae Colorful Artist AMAZING show
NYU Fall Fashion 2008
the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade - 2007 2008
Dio of Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath and more 2008
Black Sabbath 2007 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC
Hybrid Dawn CD Release Party at the Annex in NYC
Hybrid Dawn CD Release Party at the ANNEX - Lower East Side
New York City - June 21, 2008
2008 Auto Show
the Auto Show at the Javitz Center in New York City - 2008
Valerie Whitaker
Valerie Whitaker
RECEPTOR at Arlene's Grocery
Tatiana - quick photoshoot
NYU South Asian Jhalak Show - February, 2008
NYU Fashion Business Association December 2007 Fashion Show at Kimmel Hall/NYU
Chinese Fashion Show
The 2007 Chinese Fashion Show in New York City's Chinatown - in support of the Chinese Film Festival
Halloween Parade
the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade - 2007
Tomoko Shima Hairr Show
Tomoko Shima Hair Show at Chanto Restaurant in NYC - Ecology, Hair Art and Creative Show - Oct. 21, 2007

Some practice session photos at Tomoko Shima hair salon are here
Collective 7 show
the Collective Seven Show at Hiro Ballroom of the Maritime Hotel in New York City - Collections by Aparna Dasgupta, Akifumi Shimizu and Jennifer Taves. Organization and after party by Aparna Dasgupta.
Receptor Band
the RECEPTOR BAND at the Cutting Room in NYC. It was Tony's Birthday.

RECEPTOR BAND at the cutting room - 2 November 10-2007
Medieval Festival at the Cloisters
Medieval Festival at the Cloisters
- 2007
- 2006 on Flickr
- 2004
Rochester City Ballet
Rochester city Ballet at the Clothesline Festival in Rochester New York
Fireworks 2007
Fireworks on the Boat with Rich and Lisa
A benefit for the NITESTAR Program held at Antartica, Downtown, NYC
Tomoko Shima
Tomoko Shima Hair and Makeup Salon The Salon's Website
Sachika Design
The Sachika Design Show
Tara at Runway21
Special Project:
RUNWAY 21 Fashion Show
Nicola at Pianos on the Lower East Side
Black Sabbath - DIO
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell Opener at Radio City Music Hall in NYC
Hawaiian Tropic Zone
Hawaiian Tropic Zone
Miss FHM 2006 party Party photos from the Miss FHM 2006 party at the Hawaiian Tropic in NYC - 7th Ave at 48th Street
check out Miss FHM online
Diana Chiafair
Nitestar Say So event at Union Square 2007
People at the Ellen Degeneres Show being taped at the David Letterman Theater - November 18, 2006
Trip to the Finger Lakes - Cornell and Wine Tasting (click)
Cumberlands Click the Budman for MY pics of Milhouse and more...
The band Milhouse playing at Cumberlands in Charleston was great:
Nicola Nicola - great sound
Nitestar performs at Say So at Union Square - Say So is the Sexual Abuse Yearly Speak Out! powerful...
The 2006 REPILE Show
The Jan/2007 Show
at the Westchester Community Center
2006January 2007
claire barratt Claire Elizabeth Barratt and Michael Evans - dance and theremin
Cilla Vee - Motion Sculpture
Cilla Vee - Claire Elizabeth Barratt
is simply amazing:
Cilla_Vee Movement Projects
Block Island
Flight to Block Island from HPN, Westchester Airport - April 2005
Nicole Mazur
Nicole Mazur at the SkinNY Bar
Nicole at Kiev (and the neighborhood)
and Starbucks on Lexington
The Art Bar
Starbucks one and Starbucks two
Ceres Gallery | Nicole Mazur's web site |
Roslyn Hart
Roslyn Hart !!
A trip to the Lower East Side, NYC to see
Roslyn Hart at the Laugh Lounge on Essex Street.
Roslyn at StandUP NY
More Roslyn at StandUP NY
Amazing Dancers at Columbus Ciccle
I bumped into the group at Duane Reade
... lucky me.
see - favorites page - 35 pictures
see - ALL 200 photos
Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY 2005 Other Links
Sheep and Wool Festival 2004
Sheep and Wool Festival 2003
Video at Vimeo
---suckling lamb
Jessica Frederick click
the gallery show October, 2005
Renfaire in the Sterling Forest (Tuxedo, NY) 2005
Renfaire at the Cloisters - 2004
The Clothesline Arts festival at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester New York was lucky enough to get the Rochester City Ballet to perform.
click the photo at the left for highlights.
click here for information on the Closethline Art Festival and the Memorial Art Gallery.
Mermaid 2005

Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2004
Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2005 in Flickr
other Coney Island Photos

Kira's new Video is finished. She's a world class singer, songwriter - this video blew me away.
Kira Leigh
Kira's video is HERE
Orchid Show
25th New York International Orchid Show
at Rockefeller Center
Botero Sculpture at the Time Warner Center in New York

Armory Art Show at Piers 90 and 92 - MyPictures
March 10-14, 2005 in New York City

An International Faire of New Art - home

Kimsooja at Times Square - a performance event with Creative Time
Creative Time
Cristo's Gates
Cristo's Gates in Central Park
-Pre-Opening - Unfurled-Cristo Snow
Upstate NY
a drive upstate New York
Nicole Mazur
Nicole at Kiev.Nicole at Karma..Nicole - Art Bar
Nitestar Progra
The wonderful educational Nitestar Program
2002 Rehersal, 2004 Rehersal and the 2004 Show
more info here
Jamaica Bay
Jamaica Bay Wild Life Refuge near JFK Airport in the middle of New York City, well the lower shore. This is a great wild life migration spot, especially for shorebirds.

Nicole at Kiev (and the neighborhood)
and Starbucks on Lexington
The Art Bar
| Madame X
Starbucks one and Starbucks two
Ceres Gallery | Nicole Mazur's web site |

Ame Russe The Ame Russe Restaurant - special treatment
Ame Russe web page (153 2nd Ave between 9/10th Street, NYC
AlbertXavier Leopard Lounge - sin sin
FilmFestival Fun
New York Film and Video Festival
Chocolate Show NYC

Chocolate Show 2003
Chocolate Show 2004

New York Chocolate Show link

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City -
Conference of SRA International

Sheep and Wool 2004

Sheep and Wool - October 2004

- 2002 and 2003 photos

Ren Faire at the Cloisters Ren Faire at the Cloisters
the Midieval Festival 2004
September 17, 2004 - Childeren Internation, an arrest more
September 08, 2004 - rain
NYC during the RNC
Girls Baseball Cheerleaders raising funds Peter's Graduation
Visit Mexico Promotion
Trains in Rochester, NY
The County Fair The Dutchess County Fair in
Rhinebeck, New York 2004
Wave Hill in Riverdale Wave Hill
in Riverdale, The Bronx, New York, NY
Van's Warped Tour 2004

Van's Warpet Tour - 2003
Van's Warped Tour - 2004

Providence RI Providence, Rhode Island April 2003
Mermaid Parade at Coney Island Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2004
Portland Maine trip 6/04
A day in NYC. June 23, 2004.
The Art Bar
Madame X
Starbucks one and Starbucks two
Ceres Gallery
Nicole Mazur's web site
Bike New York 2002
The CIRCUS - The Barnum & Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden - March 2004
TimesSquare NakedCowboy - Broadway one day in March and the Naked Cowboy in Times Square

Ellen's Stardust Diner - Ellen's Stardust Diner - one evening
- Tiffany Shepherd and Katie Terry
Roslyn Hart at Stand Up NY Comedy Club STAND UP NY
Comedy Club
78th at Broadway
New York City
- Saturday (Feb 26, 2004)-
- the following Thursday -
- Ranit's Birthday at Candela's
Jan 28 SNOW Snow January 28 2004

Around the New Year - 2004
Grand Central Terminal, 42nd Street and Broadway, too
New Years 2004
New Years 2004
New Years Eve Day 2004
New Year's Eve day - 2003
almost New Years 2004

Nicole Mazur at MadameX Artist's Gallery Opening at MadameX's
- ISCP -
Deerfield Beach, Florida visit David Z in BocaRaton
in a speeding NYC Taxi SPEEDING TAXI ...
Just keep scrolling dowwwwnnnnnn\/

Time Warner Center Mandarin Oriental Hotel, NYC
Time Warner Center
at Columbus Circle
Info and forums on 1 Central Park

Meat Packing District

The Chocolate Show, NYCChocolat Moderne at the Chocolate ShowSweetbliss at the Chocolate Show
The Chocolate Show in NYC Coney Island Coney Island
Some Coney Island Photos
Coney Island in Winter, from Forgotten NY
(some were taken with my friend Jan de Bruin
who visited from the Netherlands.
He is a steam train photographer, writer world traveller
and more. He's written 9 or more books; look for
Stoomlocs on the linked page.)

NCURA band and party photos 2003
NCURA Block Party 2003

Washington DC and NCURA 2002

Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festifal 2003
Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY

Bird Watching in Florida-
Wakodahatchee Wetlands
, near Boca

Ellen's Stardust Diner in New York City
Ellen's Stardust Diner
51st and Broadway, just uptown from Times Square

Blackout of 2003--
The Blackout of August 2003

Van's Warped Tour Photos 2003 --
Van's Warped Tour
- 2003

New York City Photos - The Meat Packing District-
Night out
at the Meat Market -
12StWest Side -
with Pam and George

Williamsburg Brooklyn NY--
Williamsburg photos

The Reptile Show--
Reptile Show
at the County Center in Westchester

National Council of University
Research Administrators -
November 2003 -
the event but mostly the PARTY

Sanibel Island Photos-
Sanibel Island, Florida -
February 2003

-Street Performer - Sime da Mime -
Sime Da Mime

Hot City Fire Hydrant fun -
Fire Hydrant Fun

International Center for Photography 
- 43rd and 6th Avenue
- Classes and a Photography museum


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