Barnum and Bailey's Circus at Madison Square Garden

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Take your time - there are lots of pictures. First getting to Madison Sq. Garden by Subway, The Garden and the Circus, and the walk home.

IMG_8027 IMG_8029 IMG_8030b IMG_8036 IMG_8038
Columbus Circle Subway Station at the Time Warner Center IMG_8029.jpg IMG_8030b.jpg IMG_8036.jpg IMG_8038.jpg
IMG_8041 IMG_8047 IMG_8048 IMG_8050 IMG_8051
The Empire State Building from the stairway The Garden is HUGE IMG_8048.jpg I do love the elephants Friendly Folks hawking stuff
IMG_8053 IMG_8055 IMG_8056 IMG_8057 IMG_8058
IMG_8053.jpg IMG_8055.jpg IMG_8056.jpg IMG_8057.jpg IMG_8058.jpg
IMG_8064 IMG_8067 IMG_8068 IMG_8068Close IMG_8070Close
IMG_8064.jpg IMG_8067.jpg IMG_8068.jpg IMG_8068Close.jpg IMG_8070Close.jpg
IMG_8071Close IMG_8083 IMG_8084 IMG_8086 IMG_8090
IMG_8071Close.jpg IMG_8083.jpg IMG_8084.jpg IMG_8086.jpg IMG_8090.jpg
IMG_8098 IMG_8100 IMG_8108 IMG_8109 IMG_8111
IMG_8098.jpg IMG_8100.jpg IMG_8108.jpg IMG_8109.jpg AMAZING upside down clowns
IMG_8112 IMG_8115 IMG_8116 IMG_8117 IMG_8120
IMG_8112.jpg IMG_8115.jpg IMG_8116.jpg See the guy in the lower circle?? IMG_8120.jpg
IMG_8127 IMG_8132 IMG_8135 IMG_8136 IMG_8141
Intermission The Lions IMG_8135.jpg IMG_8136.jpg Clowns again
IMG_8142 IMG_8143 IMG_8144 IMG_8145 IMG_8146
IMG_8142.jpg IMG_8143.jpg Chinese Acrobats IMG_8145.jpg IMG_8146.jpg
IMG_8160 IMG_8161 IMG_8163 IMG_8168 IMG_8169
IMG_8160.jpg His mom said taking the photo was OK Elephants The elephants were well trained IMG_8169.jpg
IMG_8173 IMG_8175 IMG_8184 IMG_8187 IMG_8190
IMG_8173.jpg IMG_8175.jpg IMG_8184.jpg IMG_8187.jpg Motorcycles are whirrrring around INSIDE this cage
IMG_8192 IMG_8193 IMG_8203 IMG_8206 IMG_8208
IMG_8192.jpg IMG_8193.jpg IMG_8203.jpg IMG_8206.jpg The Finale
IMG_8213 IMG_8219 IMG_8220 IMG_8224 IMG_8228
The Post Office Lost outside Penn Station IMG_8220.jpg The crew from Florida Russ and Nicole in the City for the day
IMG_8230 That's all!!      
42nd Street, looking East