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International Film and Video 2004 .


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The International Film And Video Festival in New York City, NY
Albert Xavier - A Different Man and Por Ella (For Her) and the after party at the Leopard Lounge (sin sin)
IFF-1029-1280 IFF-1030 IFF-1130 film in the Alcove
IFF-1330 IFF-1350 IFF-1380 IFF-1440 IFF-1450
IFF-1470 IFF-1480 IFF-1500 IFF-1530 IFF-1540
IFF-1590 IFF-1610 IFF-1650 IFF-1660 IFF-1720
IFF-1750 IFF-1780B IFF-1800 IFF-1810 IFF-1820
IFF-1840 IFF-1850 IFF-1870 IFF-1930 IFF-1931-leopard lounge
IFF-2710 IFF-2720 IFF-2730 IFF-2750 IFF-2770
IFF-2840 IFF-2790 IFF-2810 IFF-2820 MORE
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IFF-2850 IFF-2980 IFF-2990 IFF-3020