Photo Friday for
December 3, 2004


NYC - Lexington Ave Starbucks with Citicorp - artwork inside by Nicole Mazur

Art Inside

Photo Friday for
November 26, 2004


Prosperity - Jimmy at Trump Tower

May 28, 2004 -
I hadn't submitted to Photo Friday in a while, but saw these two dogs on this particular Friday Moning ... and it was just perfect - I asked the man if I could take a photo of his dogs and told him it was for ... ... this

Black and White Photo

April 2, 2004


Eerie, quiet, ominous. This is the West Side Highway leading into New York City on a Work Day - September 12, 2001, The highway was deserted instead of the normally packed bumper to bumper traffic - eerie. The cloud of smoke in the background is the World Trade Center, smoldering.

March 26, 2004


I'd say it's a bit neglected. It's even more neglected now.


February 13, 2004
Abstract -

Lights on Broadway in New York City


February 6, 2004


January 30, 2004
Columbus Circle, NYC


January 23, 2004
Construction on the TimeWarner Center at Columbus Circle in New York City - I've been taking potos here since early 2002.

January 16,2004

From a series taken from a speeding taxi, travelling up
Amsterdam Avenue on the West Side of Manhattan


January 2, 2004
BEST of 2003

It's hard to call one Best - This is Blackout Day in August, in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
Little Alex took my photo with my camera, but this is one I took of him and his friend,
a waitress down the street.

December 19, 2003 - Desire
Desire at the Chocolate Show in
New York City, 2003. This was the desire for candy, not chocolate, but I loved the kids expressions reaching for the candy, and the mother in the background. More photos of the 2003 Chocolate show are here.

December 12, 2003

Columbus Circle in New York City.
Sime da Mime
entertains - He's one of the amazing street performers that makes New York City such an amazing place to be. Be brought his Cockatiel this day. Look at his right shoulder.