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NYC June 23, 2004


Starting with the West Side Highway and the Hudson River, Outside the David Letterman Theater - recognize the guy beside the Red Car? a couple from NORTH Dakota, Then I took the train from Midtown to Williamsburg Brooklyn, but nothing caught my eye - but a photo of Manhattan through the vacant lot, back to Times Square - a special event of some Art Work on a Times Square Sign - photos of two art/marketing people, and the Artist, too. It's got something to do with Red Green and Blue. Street scenes, A photographer who is a Subway Conductor by day, The woman in Red - a comedienne performing at Joe Franklin's Comedy Club - you'll see here in a club photo, too. Then a couple pics walking back up Broadway, and at the Globe.
IMG_0981 IMG_0992 IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_1004
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