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International Film and Video Festival, 2004
New York City, NY - down in the Village
IFF-1030 IFF-1070 IFF-1280 IFF-1920 IFF-1930
IFF-1935-leopard lounge IFF-1940 IFF-1980 IFF-2000 IFF-2010
IFF-2020 IFF-2080 IFF-2090 IFF-2110 IFF-2120
IFF-2130 IFF-2170 IFF-2180 IFF-2210 IFF-2230
IFF-2240 IFF-2300 IFF-2320 IFF-2360 IFF-2370
IFF-2380 IFF-2390 IFF-2400 IFF-2410 IFF-2420
IFF-2430 IFF-2440 IFF-2450 IFF-2460 IFF-2470
IFF-2480 IFF-2490 IFF-2500 IFF-2510 IFF-2520
IFF-2530 IFF-2550 IFF-2570 IFF-2580 IFF-2590
IFF-2610 IFF-2640 IFF-2660 IFF-2690 IFF-2710
IFF-2720 IFF-2790 IFF-2810 IFF-2840 IFF-2960